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Bengals RB Joe Mixon found not guilty on aggravated menacing charge

The alleged incident happened shortly before the Bengals left for a playoff game vs. the Bills in January.

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Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon was found not guilty on a charge of aggravated menacing Thursday. Mixon had been in court this week facing charges that stemmed from an alleged road rage incident in January where a woman alleged Mixon pulled a gun on her and threatened her.

In court, camera footage showed both Mixon and the woman’s vehicle near each other but no sign of a firearm being brandished. The charges were actually dropped initially but later refiled after the case was assigned to a new investigator.

In March, a teenager was shot at Mixon’s home, and it took some time for us to learn that Mixon wasn’t even home at the time of the shooting.

After the verdict was reached, Mixon’s agent released a statement:

The Bengals also released a statement of their own:

Now that Mixon has agreed to a restructured contract and has all of his legal issues behind him, he can now focus on football and hopefully have no more distractions arise.