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Browns kicker has epic gaffe vs. Eagles with game on the line

Sometimes it is best to wait until after the game to talk.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns have been doing their best to remove the old idea of the Browns doing Browns things (failing in ways that are just unbelievable). They are getting closer to that point.

However, their kicker Cade York did not help their cause on Thursday Night’s preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

York hit two field goals in the first half. This came off him not hitting either of his prior two field goal attempts so far this preseason. You have to imagine he felt confident about himself.

In fact, York was so confident that he posted during halftime about how good he was doing.

This wouldn’t be as noteworthy if York continued his hot streak. To his credit, he did make another field goal.

The real problem came when he went to hit a 47-yard field goal that would have put the Browns ahead, and he missed.

It seemed like he could be saved, however, as he got a second chance after a penalty.

He missed again.

Maybe he was just too busy thinking about how cool his Instagram reel would look with a video of him making a game-winner and got distracted. York’s struggles are becoming more and more real as we get closer to the regular season. This is your sign to appreciate your kicker.