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The Athletic ranks Joe Burrow as one of 5 first-tier quarterbacks

Burrow is easily a Tier 1 quarterback

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Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

If there’s one thing everyone in Cincinnati is on the same page with, it is that Joe Burrow is that dude.

While many in the Queen City may argue that Burrow is the league’s best quarterback, he’s certainly among the first-tier quarterbacks if grouping the best of the best in the position.

Burrow sat No. 2 in The Athletic’s tiered ranking, only behind Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes which, by all means, is fair. Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers and Justin Herbert, the last of which should help pave the way for Burrow’s contract extension, were the other quarterbacks in the top tier.

Burrow, who missed the last few months of his rookie season, has led the Cincinnati Bengals to the Super Bowl and then AFC Championship Game when at full strength for a year. His numbers are that good as well, throwing for over 4,400 yards in each of his last two seasons and also raking in a combined 69 touchdowns.

Burrow’s real strength comes in his mentality and precision. He ranked No. 1 in the NFL in 2021 with a 70.4% completion rate and then followed that season up with his first Pro Bowl appearance.

More recently, Burrow went down with a non-contact injury in practice, and the calf strain may have him missing the remainder of camp. It is unclear whether or not he’ll get any snaps in the team’s three preseason games.

Burrow has led a resurgence in Cincinnati, and with the help of Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins, the trio has made the Bengals' attack one of the most lethal in the league. With an improved offensive line, there is no ceiling for the star in 2023.