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Joe Burrow is the unluckiest QB in the NFL, per PFF data

Only 12 of the superstar’s career interceptions were his fault.

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Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Recently, Pro Football Focus published an analysis of “unlucky interceptions”, and research shows that Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is the unluckiest passer in the league:

According to PFF grading and charting, just 12 of Burrow’s 35 interceptions have been deemed his fault. Seven have come from a combination of miscommunication, receivers stopping their routes and dropped passes, while 16 have been forced by the defense, either by coverage players breaking up a pass or pass-rushers hitting the Bengals signal-caller as he threw.

Burrow had the lowest percentage of QB-fault interceptions at 34.3%. Right after him is Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers at 37.1% and then Mac Jones of the New England Patriots at 38.5%. You can read the article here (it’s premium content, so you’ll need a subscription).

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