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Will Jake Browning be the Bengals’ No. 2 QB?

Learn about Joe Burrow’s potential backup QB.

Green Bay Packers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

When QB Jake Browning walked onto the field for the first time during the first preseason game of the 2023 season to face the Green Bay Packers, it was a weird feeling.

Of course, many starters do not play a ton during the preseason, but due to Joe Burrow's injury, it was likely that we could have been looking at the QB who would play Week 1 for the Cincinnati Bengals against the Cleveland Browns.

However, circumstances have changed, and now Browning is competing for the backup QB position against Trevor Siemian.

Jake Browning

  • Height: 6’2’’
  • Weight: 209
  • Age: 27
  • College: Washington
  • Hometown: Folsom, CA
  • Experience: 1 year

Cap Status

Back on January 31, 2023, according to Over the Cap, Browning agreed to a one-year contract for $750,000 with Cincinnati. Browning will take up about $750,000 in cap space (0.3%) in 2023.

For context, Trevor Siemian’s one-year contract with Cincinnati is $1,317,500.


After Browning set many California prep records in high school, he became the starting QB at the University of Washington; during his time there, he set many school records as well, one of which was a new record of 94 touchdowns.

In the NFL, Browning has not seen much playing time, as he has spent most of his time on practice squads. Browning spent all of 2019 and 2020 on the Minnesota Vikings’ practice squad but was waived in 2021. Browning then joined Cincinnati’s practice squad soon after and was signed to a futures contract this offseason.

Currently, Browning is competing against former Denver Broncos backup Trevor Siemian to be Joe Burrow’s backup quarterback.

Outlook for 2023 Season

The backup QB position is still up for grabs, but Browning is looking like the better option. Browning definitely was more solid during the second 2023 preseason game against the Falcons. During that game, he was able to avoid or overcome pressure in the beginning of the third, and he had more completed passes overall.

Roster Odds: 80%

This backup QB battle is still ongoing, so nothing is set in stone. While Browning seems like a better choice now, a lot can change from now to Week 1.

And even if Browning doesn’t win the No. 2 job, there’s a chance he makes the roster as a third quarterback, especially if Burrow ends up being questionable for Week 1.

How do you think Browning will do against the Washington Commanders? Should Jake Browning be Joe Burrow’s backup quarterback? Let me know in the comments!