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Duke Tobin remains hopeful with Jackson Carman

“We still believe in him.”

The Cincinnati Bengals have worked to build a solid offensive line to protect Joe Burrow.

The Bengals drafted Jackson Carman in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft and have continued looking to see Carman develop, though it’s been a struggle to say the least.

When Duke Tobin was most recently asked about Carman and rookie wide receiver Charlie Jones during the team’s preseason tilt in Washington, he stated, “We believe there is a role for them on our football team.”

Tobin then continued on Carman, saying, “It’s just a matter of being consistent down after down. And we still believe in him.”

Carman has been working as a backup at both left and right tackle.

If Carman can continue to work on consistency, he could be a crucial depth piece for the line if injuries occur during the backstretch of the season, just like we saw last season.

The Bengals are set to kick off the new season in just under two weeks against the Cleveland Browns.