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Joe Burrow told D.J. Reader the Super Bowl is “just another game”

They call him Joe Cool for a reason.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Cincinnati Bengals Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle DJ Reader joined Kay Adams on Monday, and one of the things they discussed, which is inevitable with any discussion with a Bengals player, was quarterback Joe Burrow.

Reader told Adams a story about how calm Burrow was heading into the biggest game of the young quarterback’s career.

When Reader expressed to Burrow how crazy it was that they were about to play in the Super Bowl, he said Burrow replied, “It’s just another game.”

“Just to have him as cool, and when he comes off the field, how intense he is, you can really tell how he believes in himself,” Reader went on. “I love that look in his eye. Like that look in his eye when he got that dog going. He him. He about to go crazy. You can see it on him, and when you got special players, and you see him get in that mood.... It’s always a fun time. It’s scary, probably for the other team, but I love it. I feed off it.”

Burrow is currently resting through a calf strain suffered on a hot day at training camp in late July. It’s unclear as to whether or not he will take any snaps through the preseason, but he will hopefully be ready to go when Week 1 rolls around, despite what Ja’Marr Chase says.

Check out the clip of Reader talking about Burrow below!

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