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Bengals release uniform schedule for 2023

The Cincinnati Bengals have released what uniforms they will wear each week of the season.

Syndication: The Enquirer Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Cincinnati Bengals released their uniform schedule for the 2023 campaign. Here is what they have.

It is worth noting that — per NFL rules — the Bengals can only wear alternates three weeks during the regular season. That includes the White Bengal and orange jerseys. So for those disappointed in the lack of orange, that is the big reason.

It is also obvious Cincinnati loves keeping their alternates for prime-time games. The Monday Night Football Super Bowl rematch against the Los Angeles Rams has the Bengals wearing their white helmet variation of their white uniforms in Week 3. They love looking great under the bright lights.

That would also explain why their other Monday Night Football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars will be represented with the same uniforms. It is slightly disappointing as it will be an away game, but we will be able to appreciate it over the television at the very least.

The Bengals will also be giving special treatment for their first game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 12 with their only alternate orange uniform appearance. That is currently only a 1 o’clock game, but we all know how much the NFL enjoys trying to put that match up under the lights somehow.

We also don’t know what pants or socks are currently going with these uniforms. I know there are quite a few thread heads who will be looking all over the internet for that information.

No matter what uniform Cincinnati ends up wearing, though, winning always makes them look better, so hopefully, this team keeps those wins rolling.