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Ja’Marr Chase doubles down on Browns being Elves

Chase isn’t backing down.

Another brutal loss by the Cincinnati Bengals to the Cleveland Browns. This one had some extra talk behind it, with Ja’Marr Chase saying, “Cleveland is Cleveland” and calling them the “Elves.”

Unfortunately, the Elves got the best of the Bengals Sunday in every aspect of the game.

As to be expected, Chase was asked about his comments after the game and, surprisingly, kind of doubled down on it.

“I’m just frustrated because I called their ass elves, and we just lost to some elves,” Chase said.

There was lots of jawing between Bengals receivers and Browns defensive backs during the game, something that has been brewing for the past couple of years. The comments seemed to motivate Cleveland, and their defensive back certainly won the battle Sunday.

The Browns have been a nightmare for the Bengals the last few seasons, so maybe there won’t be as much billboard material when they meet again in Week 18.