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Bengals Reacts Survey Week 2

Did the Browns debacle shake your confidence in the Bengals?

NFL: JAN 15 AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Ravens at Bengals Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Greetings, Bengals fans!

That was a rough opener, but thankfully, Week 1 is always full of results that don’t end up meaning much in the long term of a 17-game season.

Still, it was pretty ugly, so we’re curious as to how much it affected your confidence in the team, if at all.

For our first question, it’s simply asking if you’re still confident in the direction of the team.

And for our second question, we asked about your level of concern following that blowout in Cleveland. Hopefully, you’re not smashing the panic button just yet.

Sound off below, and discuss it further in the comments section!

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