Did the Bengals make a mistake not taking a TE in the 1st round?

The recent cut of Collins reinforces the interconnectiveness of all things eventually leading to the CAP. Proper management and allocation of the CAP is paramont in building a consistent winner. The Bengals can't operate like many other teams, they have to be more frugal. Why? Because unlike David Tepper who has $1 Billion or more rolling in from his investment company every year, the Bengals are the Brown's family sole source of wealth. I'm not suggesting a pity party, the Brown's do very well and are billionaires, but they don't have the same access to capital as many other owners.

Why the headline question? The Bengals couldn't extend Tee Higgins. I wrote couldn't because just like Bates I'm certain they tried. There is a question below this one about whether a team can afford 2 number 1 WRs. I don't believe a team with a top paid QB can pay two number 1 WRs. However, I do think a team could pay a top QB, a number 1 WR and a top TE. If you look at where the pay for the best WRs is going, its looks headed to mid 30s/AAV. The top TEs, high teens/AAV. That is a considerable difference.

Anyone who has watched Kelce play knows he is really a slot WR in a TEs body. KC gets a huge benefit though because he's paid as a TE and he's really Mahomes primary target. The franchise tag for WRs is 74% higher then TEs. When I look at all of this, I feel I've been looking at it wrong. The Bengals haven't recently put draft capital or $$$ into the TE position. After 1 week of play, I'd say Kincaid, La Porta and Musgrave look like the real deal. The Bengals could have had two of those three. Any of them picked in the 1st round would have given 5 years control plus a fairly low tag hit for year 6. Having a big target pass catching TE on a rookie deal with Higgins and Boyd maybe on the way out would have given the bengals a better transition. I think they made a mistake not taking a TE.

I'm interested in what others think.

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