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Tee Higgins says he recognizes the love Bengals fans have for the team

In a recent interview with Pacman Jones, the star WR made sure to share his appreciation for supporters.

NFL: AFC Championship-Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In a recent interview with Pacman Jones, Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins took the time to share his love for the city of Cincinnati and Bengals fans.

This comes at a time when the star player is still seeking a new contract and many are speculating he may not get a long-term deal at all.

Nonetheless, Higgins is more than aware of the great support he’s received over the years.

“From my rookie year, when we went, what, 4-12, I seen how city was,” he said. “I seen how much love they have for us even in a losing record, so I just try my best to give back any way I can.”

And giving back includes going back to sign more memorabilia when he saw a line of fans still waiting their turn to meet him at a recent event.

Higgins is one of the Bengals players who got to see the transformation of the team and city since the drafting of Joe Burrow. And he loves where things are right now, saying:

My rookie year, it was COVID, so I didn’t see too many people walking the streets downtown, but now you got us, the Bengals, FC [Cincinnati], you got the Reds... all of us been doing well the past few years. Man, it’s just a great sight to see all the people walking around in FC jerseys, in Reds jerseys, and then our gamedays... man, the love is there.

Watch the full interview below: