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Three and Out Podcast: Browns Reaction, Ravens Preview

We’re back again to talk about the Browns embarrassing loss and preview the Ravens game.

This week, on Three and Out, Kevin and I spent the first 15 minutes or so breaking down the Cincinnati Bengals’ embarrassing Week 1 loss to the Cleveland Browns. We know it’s depressing, but we did talk about what we saw from the Bengals in Week 1 that we liked, like Joe Mixon running the ball and the defense before they were worn down by the offense going on seven three-and-out drives.

Then we discussed the Bengals Week 2 matchup, coming this Sunday, against the Baltimore Ravens. The Bengals will be looking to get back on track and avoid their second consecutive 0-2 start to a season. We broke down some of the matchups we’ll be watching as well as the injury status of players on both teams. We also made our predictions for the game, including who would score the first touchdown and how, who would be the MVP of the game, and what the final score will be.

Check it out below. You can also catch all the great content on OBI here.