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5 keys to success for Bengals vs. Titans

How to beat the Titans.

NFL: SEP 25 Rams at Bengals

Simply put, the Cincinnati Bengals still have a losing record.

Here is what they need to do to change that vs. the Tennessee Titans.

Burrow’s Calf

I could easily make this article “THE Key to Success” instead of “5 Keys of Success,” because clearly, this is the most important thing. I’m Brian Fantana, and this is Joe Burrow Calf Watch.

This team goes as Joe goes. Can he play, and how effective can he be? Those are the most important questions. His mobility wasn’t the biggest issue Monday; it was his accuracy on deep outside passes was off. Fortunately, he has other tools, but if he was his usual self, this team would have put more points on the board.

Cordell’s Comeback

Cordell Volson’s PFF grade last week matched Bluto Blutarsky’s GPA: zero point zero. It’s understandable with how often he was matched up against Aaron Donald, but it’s not excusable. It’s not going to get any easier this week either, as Volson will battle Jeffery Simmons in the trenches. Volson needs to step up to the competition.

Front 7

The Bengals' defense was impressive last week, but this week rather than the speedy Rams, it’s a battering ram in Derrick Henry, who they will need to stop. This is a great opportunity for D.J. Reader and company to show what they are made of.

Start Fast

As we have seen in several matchups with the Browns, when you are playing a running team, you need to start fast on offense. The Bengals offense looked good coming out on Monday Night, but they were not able to finish the drive. They need to find the end zone early and often to force the Titans to pass the ball.


Getting the Titans to pass more will create more turnover opportunities. If the defense can get turnovers, it will give Burrow and the offense more opportunities to score, and the snowball effect will bury the Titans somewhere deep in Tartarus.