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Bengals in fantasy football drafts open thread

Which rounds did you draft Bengals players?

Calling all Cincinnati Bengals fans and fantasy football lovers!

This is the final week for fantasy football drafts. Most of them are already complete, but there are still a few lingering this week.

I sent out a preview a few weeks ago where I ranked the top Bengals players and which rounds I believed they deserve.

From experience thus far, Bengals players are a hot item and aren’t lasting long in drafts. But you have to be careful. Don’t risk too much. You have to know what kind of league you’re in, whether PPR or Non-PPR. You have to know your league’s point system.

Finally, you definitely need to know what positions your league has. Some leagues just have your traditional QB, RB, WR, TE, D/ST, K. Other leagues have a variation of FLEX positions or multiple quarterbacks. These leagues could make or break you if you don’t know about them before draft night.

Knowing the Bengals will be drafted early, be prepared! If you’re picking 1-5, you should be safe for each round, but if you’re 6-12, have backup options. Check out different Bengals sleeper picks, Chase Brown, possibly even Trenton Irwin, Charlie Jones, or Andrei Iosivas in super-deep leagues.

Time is ticking, so as your draft wraps up, let us know who you got and when you were able to snag them. Were they a steal, or were you hoping they would slide just one more spot?

Let us know in this open thread, which we will keep up through Thursday’s regular-season opener!