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Good Morning Football crew praises Bengals

The GMFB crew chooses Cincinnati as the best AFC North team in multiple areas.

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Good Morning Football, an NFL show aired on NFL Network daily, normally poses a series of questions every day for the crew to talk and debate about. This week, they chose the Cincinnati Bengals for multiple topics.

Between Jason McCourty and Peter Schrager, they agreed Cincinnati has the best QB, the best weapons, and the best storyline in the AFC North coming into this season. Each team has its big-time stars and clutch players, but it’s so hard to choose any other AFC North team besides the Bengals.

When it comes to quarterbacks, it’s hard to not put Joe Burrow in the same category as Patrick Mahomes atop the NFL. I will give Mahomes all the props in the world, he has proven it. Burrow is just as good but in different ways. Mahomes creates more plays scrambling, Burrow makes more plays sitting in the pocket. So it’s hard to have anyone other than Burrow on top the of the North.

McCourty and Schrager also believe Cincinnati has the best weapons coming into this season. Kyle Brandt made the argument for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the other two analysts couldn’t think of a team better than this Bengals team with all their receivers with Burrow, as well as their tight-knit defense under Lou Anarumo.

Kyle Brandt explains why he believes the Bengals have the best storyline entering this season. This season will decide if the Cincinnati and KC rivalry is a true rivalry. If Cincinnati can win the Super Bowl this season, that will begin a true AFC rivalry.

Let’s hope that’s exactly what happens.