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Three and Out Podcast: It’s Browns Week!

It’s finally time for some real Bengals football!

This week on Three and Out, Kevin and I were extremely excited because Cincinnati Bengals football is officially back this week, as the Bengals are set to take on the Browns in Week 1 of the 2023 NFL season.

They’re opening up against a divisional foe for the second year in a row, but unlike the 2022 Bengals, the 2023 Bengals are looking to get off to a fast start in hopes of bringing the Lombardi Trophy to Cincinnati for the first time.

The first thing we discussed was our thoughts on Joe Burrow’s contract extension, which still hasn’t been signed. We both shared that we’re not quite in “panic mode” yet, but we will be if the deal isn’t done by 1 pm ET on Sunday.

Then we got into the meat and potatoes of the episode: breaking down the Bengals matchup against the Browns. We each made some predictions, including which team would score first and how, as well as what the final score would be.

And, as is always the case with Cleveland, Kevin voiced his disdain for the entire city and the Browns franchise.

Check it out below, and check out the rest of the Orange and Black Insider content here!

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