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How Joe Burrow’s NFL-record $275 million contract stacks up against top NFL QBs

The Bengals left no doubt that they were willing to PAY Joe Burrow.

The Cincinnati Bengals locked up their franchise quarterback Joe Burrow to a record-breaking $275 million deal that lasts five years. Now that the dust has settled and more of the details are out, how does it stack up to some of the other mega deals?

The big number that will jump out to people is that $219 million guaranteed. That sets him apart from the likes of Justin Herbert, Jalen Hurts, and Lamar Jackson.

That actually puts him close to the Deshaun Watson $230 million guaranteed money, except Burrow’s deal is going to be for a total of $275 million. The fact the Bengals came close to that number should send a message to all of those skeptics out there that this team has changed its stripes.

Then again, Cincinnati has always been willing to pay a franchise quarterback.

The other big number people look at with a big contract like this is AAV (average annual value). Burrow’s AAV comes in at a cool $55 million. That number is obviously the biggest of any contract in NFL history.

The trend here is usually that franchise quarterbacks will top each other as their time for a new deal comes up. Burrow will at least be the highest-paid player for the 2023 season. That is because there is no other quarterback set to need an extension until next offseason.

There was no doubt the Bengals were going to top those other three mega deals this offseason after they all were signed. Burrow’s agent wouldn’t settle for less, and he would have no reason to.

Burrow’s arrival has led to a Super Bowl appearance and two straight AFC Championship game appearances in the last two years. This coming after this team had a 31-year playoff drought before he got to town.

This is a win-win as the Bengals have Burrow at least until 2029, and Burrow got the contract he has earned.