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5 keys to beating the Browns

How the Bengals can start 1-0.

Syndication: The Enquirer Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Cincinnati Bengals had a slow start in 2022. Here is how they avoid that this year.

Ignore the Noise

The most important thing for the Bengals going into this game is that they focus on the game on the field. Once that whistle blows, it doesn’t matter who is looking for an extension. They need to focus and execute to win this game. Simple as that.

Burrow’s Readiness

Another year, another complicated August for Joe Burrow. With the calf injury and limited camp reps, there is reason for concern that Burrow will need time to shake off the rust. Although this injury kept him sidelined during the preseason, it was not as debilitating as last year’s appendectomy. He should be much better prepared for Week 1 this year. Continuity on the offense helps. Working with the same coaches and four out of five of last year’s starting skill players will help.

Offensive Adjustments

Speaking of continuity, the offensive stack miraculously staying together for another year will be a huge advantage for the Bengals. The Browns replaced defensive coordinator Joe Woods with Jim Schwartz. Schwartz is an excellent football coach, and he will have a good plan for Sunday. The Bengals will have to see what is going on quickly and make adjustments on the sideline, The experience that Zac Taylor, Brian Callahan, Troy Walters, Dan Pitcher, and Frank Pollack have together will be extremely beneficial.

Offensive Line

Death, taxes, and the offensive line’s performance being key to success for the Bengals: There is no escaping any of them. Contrary to popular opinion, the Bengals’ revamped offensive line was playing at a high level by the end of last year. Unfortunately, injuries piled up at the wrong time. This year, they have added Orlando Brown Jr. to the mix, and I am excited to see the results. To win this game, they need to protect Burrow and generate a run game.


The defense stayed relatively intact this offseason, with the glaringly obvious exception of the safety position. Dax Hill and Nick Scott need to settle into their new roles quickly for the Bengals to win on Sunday. Hill was a top pick a year ago and has all the tools to be defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo’s dream safety. Scott is a veteran who has just entered his peak. Both need to step up and make an immediate impact.