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Bengals at Browns Week 1 Madden Simulation

We simulated the Bengals vs. Browns in Madden to try to predict the outcome of the Week 1 game

Bengals at Browns Week 1 Madden highlights

The Cincinnati Bengals signed Joe Burrow just in time ahead of their week 1 matchup against the Browns, a team ready to compete for a championship now with their quarterback locked up for a long time. That should have the team playing extra hard, especially in Week 1 with the new contract still fresh.

Let’s check out how the Bengals do in the Madden simulation and if Madden thinks they can come away with a win.

To start the game, the Bengals get the ball, and they waste no time getting off to a quick start with a Joe Mixon diving touchdown from the two-yard line. The Bengals take the early lead.

Joe Mixon first touchdown

Bengals: 7 - 0

Following the Bengals' touchdown, there are two failed drives in a row, with Cincinnati going three and out to give the Browns the ball back in good field position. The Browns take advantage and drive down the field to score on a Deshaun Watson rush.

Deshaun Watson first touchdown

Tied: 7- 7

The Bengals' offense continues to sputter and even fails to score after the two-minute warning, which is not like them. The Browns take advantage, and score on another Watson scramble to take the lead and get the ball back after half, putting the Bengals in a tough spot as the kickoff is with only ten seconds left.

Deshaun Watson second touchdown

Browns: 14 - 7

The Bengals didn’t stay in a tough spot for long, though. The Browns left too much time on the clock. With ten seconds left, Chris Evans fields it and runs it all the way back with great blocking to tie the game up at halftime.

Chris Evans first touchdown

Tied: 14 - 14

After half, the Bengals force a three and out, and Cincinnati’s offense quickly capitalizes, scoring on a short Joe Mixon run.

Joe Mixon second touchdown

Bengals: 21 - 14

After the Bengals take the lead, both offenses begin to struggle, although with only five minutes left in the fourth, the Bengals get into the red zone. However, after a drop, the drive stalls, and the Bengals are forced to extend it to a two-possession lead with a field goal.

Evan McPherson field goal

Bengals: 24 - 14

Following the touchdown, the Browns sense the urgency and get a drive going. They get down into the red zone and score for the third time on a Watson rush (I guess the Bengals better watch out for this on Sunday). The Browns bring it back to a one-possession game with time to get a stop and score.

Deshaun Watson third touchdown

Bengals: 24 - 21

Luckily, the Bengals never give the Browns a chance as they string together a series of first downs and are able to take the victory formation to take home a win in a hard-fought first Battle of Ohio of the 2023 NFL season.

Final Score

Bengals: 24 - 21