You Can't Pay Two #1 Receivers...or can you?

I'll be the first to admit, I don't religiously follow all the contracts and cap space and all that, nor do I really care. I figure, none of it's my money so pay the players as much as you want and put the best players on the field, it doesn't affect my wallet.

The argument lately is in regards to Joe's deal being a large one and knowing that the team will need to extend Ja'Marr next year....which leaves Higgins in limbo. Everyone says, "you can't pay two #1 receivers" but I think it's just means you pay less money elsewhere...assuming that's worth it. Clearly, this Bengals team doesn't value TEs a whole lot which is why we've seen a few short term contracts for Hurst and there is money saved right there. We aren't having to pay big contracts for a kelce or a gronk type player. We've restructured Mixon's contract, so there is money saved right there...although, RB is not a super valued position like it once was.

I think if you are creative, you can absolutely pay both receivers #1 type money...personally, (again, it's not my money they are using) I would rather us have 2 #1's just for the sake of injury...if Chase or Higgins goes down, we still have a #1 receiver. I love Boyd and I would love him to retire here, but I realize that's probably not going to be the case, but if our receiver room was Chase, Higgins, Irwin, Iosivas, Jones and then best of Lassiter II, Morgan Jr. or Jackson...I'd be comfortable with that line up.

Higgins is a solid guy on and off the field...a great teammate, definitely someone you would rather have with you than on another team. You look at teams like the steelers who year in and year out have highly productive receivers but who have all kinds of on and off the field issues, divas, locker room cancers,'s not worth it. You know what you have in Higgins...high caliber across the board. Personally, I would like them to figure out a way to keep him even if it means going lighter at another position. But that's just me and's not my money.

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