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Titans and Chargers request Bengals OC Brian Callahan for head coach interview

The Bengals have a very popular name in the coaching carousel.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp The Enquirer-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals have had unprecedented stability at the coordinator positions the last three seasons for a team that had made two deep playoff runs. It is usually popular for coordinators on those teams to get hired as head coaches elsewhere.

Well, offensive coordinator Brian Callahan was a popular name last offseason, and it seems he may be even in more demand this offseason.

Callahan had already been requested to interview with the Carolina Panthers, but now we have word that two other teams are looking into possibly handing him their teams: The Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Chargers.

The Tennessee Titans are coming off the shocking firing of Mike Vrabel to leave a vacancy there, and they may want a more offensive-minded coach to update their offense (most likely) around Will Levis.

The Los Angeles Chargers may be one of the most desirable spots because of quarterback Justin Herbert and an owner willing to spend.

Callahan has been Joe Burrow’s only offensive coordinator since coming into the NFL. Head coach Zac Taylor is obviously very hands-on with the offense as well, and he has described the play-calling as a collaborative effort, so hard to say how much change would come there,

One thing that has helped Cincinnati keep their coordinators has been their deep runs to the Super Bowl and AFC Championship games. Teams have become much more impatient in their search. It has almost become a game of musical chairs where teams are afraid they could miss out on their guy if they wait.

Coordinators can interview while in the playoffs, but it is much more restricted, and they can not name them as the head coach until after their team has been eliminated.

We will have to see if Callahan makes it to the second round of these interviews, but it is clear that he is very in demand this coaching cycle.