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Zac Taylor discusses the search for a new offensive coordinator

Some insight from the Bengals head coach.

NFL: OCT 24 Bengals at Ravens Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals are on the hunt for a new offensive coordinator.

After losing Brian Callahan to the Tennessee Titans head coaching job, Zac Taylor and co. are now faced with something they avoided the last two off-seasons: Replacing a coordinator.

Taylor recently joined Dave Lapham to give some insight into how the process will go when deciding who will succeed Callahan.

“There’s great people out there that I know,” Taylor said. ”It’s my responsibility There’s some that I’m interested to know. And also, I have a lot of confidence in the guys that we have in the building. So there’s a lot you got to take in, and it’s not just a clear-cut ‘This is how we’re gonna do it’ and move on. There’s an interview process that will take place that’s very necessary.”

Current Bengals quarterbacks coach Dan Pitcher is widely considered the favorite to replace Callahan, but the Bengals may look outside of the building. Pitcher is scheduled to meet with the New England Patriots, Los Vegas Raiders, and New Orleans Saints, so the Bengals will look at other candidates in case Pitcher moves on.

Pitcher could opt for another job if calling plays is something he really wants to do. With Taylor being the play caller in Cincinnati, Pitcher could decide to take another job to solidify himself as not only a coordinator, but a play caller.

If not Pitcher, who would you like the Bengals to name offensive coordinator? Let us know in the comment section!