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Coach Speak: Who I’m Rooting for in the AFC Championship

A highly controversial take.

NFL: AFC Divisional Round-Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Who do you cheer for as a Cincinnati Bengals fan when the Baltimore Ravens play the Kansas City Chiefs for a chance to go to the Super Bowl?

To quote Bingo from the cartoon Bluey, “This is trifficult.”

Well, for me it isn’t that trifficult. There is nothing I love more than someone proving their doubters wrong. While I may not particularly care for either of these organizations, I do like Lamar Jackson and would love to see him wave the greatest level of success in the faces of those who thought he was a wide receiver when he came out of Louisville.

Whoever you want to root for is just fine with me. Don’t let anybody tell you how to be a fan. I grew up watching the Bengals. I had a Boomer Esiason jersey before I was in Kindergarten, and I have his throwback today. I am also a football fan, and I love good football. I love great players. I love great scheme. I love great competitors. I love players with a chip on their shoulders. I love players who play with passion.

What do you love about football?