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Three and Out Podcast: Callahan out, Pitcher in

We react to the big news! And we talk a little Tee Higgins.

Kevin and I were back this week on Three and Out to discuss the big news! The Cincinnati Bengals have promoted quarterback coach Dan Pitcher to the position of offensive coordinator after Brian Callahan was hired by the Tennessee Titans as their new head coach.

We discussed what is likely to change, if anything, now that Pitcher is calling the shots on the offense. We talked about whether or not Pitcher would be able to institute more of the balanced offense we saw when Jake Browning was at the helm during his three-game win streak. We also talked about Pitcher’s motivations for wanting to stay in Cincinnati, and we both agreed it’s Joe Burrow.

Finally, we talked about our new link to the Titans and how the Bengals could use it to their advantage, especially when it comes to wide receiver Tee Higgins. There is a precedent, after all.

As always, thank you for watching/listening. Remember to check out the rest of Orange and Black Insider here for more great daily Bengals content.