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Zac Taylor considered giving up play-calling to Brian Callahan in 2024

It’s been one of the chief complaints from armchair quarterbacks online for a while.

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There is no doubt that with a healthy Joe Burrow and the weapons at his disposal, the Cincinnati Bengals offense is an absolute nightmare for opposing defenses.

In his four seasons with the Bengals, he’s taken them to two AFC Championship games and one Super Bowl. The reality is he’s probably already done enough to earn a golden statue outside Paycor Stadium.

It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, though. There have been times where, despite all their talent, the offense just couldn’t move the ball. When those games happen, one common theme you’ll see when it comes to complaints from fans is, “Zac Taylor needs to give up play-calling!”

Would that have come to pass had Brian Callahan stayed with the Bengals for the 2024 season?

When former Bengals offensive lineman and current radio color commentator Dave Lapham joined Lance McAlister on 700 WLW, he said Taylor considered handing play-calling duties to Callahan.

“I heard that Zac Taylor was considering giving up the play-calling role to Brian Callahan next season,” said Lapham. “That changed when Brian Callahan moved on. It is done by a democracy. It is not a dictatorship. Everybody has a voice, and everybody has a big voice. If you show that your voice merits it, you’re going to get a bigger voice, and that’s what happened with Dan Pitcher.”

Considering it is going to be Pitcher’s first season in the NFL as an offensive coordinator, I fully expect Taylor to be calling the shots for the offense in 2024. However, if this is true, and he was considering giving up play calling, we could see Pitcher with a lot more power in the next few years than Callahan ever had.

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