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Dan Pitcher praises Joe Burrow: “Capable of Doing Anything You Ask Him To Do’

The new OC knows he has a great one.

Syndication: The Enquirer Phil Didion/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

New Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Dan Pitcher was in demand this coaching cycle. With interest from the New England Patriots, Las Vegas Raiders and New Orleans Saints, Pitcher didn’t have to jump at the Bengals opening, but he did. The reason why? A big part of it is Joe Burrow.

In his introductory press conference, Pitcher mentioned knowing to stick around a great quarterback when you have one and Burrow is just that.

While Pitcher has been in the building since 2017, he may have his own ideas for the Bengals offense and even with head coach Zac Taylor being the play caller, Pitcher will have his handprints on the offense.

“There’s been a lot made of what the offense looked like over the final part of the season, and I really just think that’s a product of us looking at it on a week-to-week basis. Who do we have available to us, who are we playing, and what do we need to do to win?

“And that’s something we’ll always do. We’ll look at some of those things that we did well at the end of the year, and certainly, Joe Burrow is capable of doing anything you ask him to do, and so that’s what we’ll do this offseason, is do a great job of deciding who we need to be moving forward, and then have the adaptability to adjust if we need to.”

The future of Tee Higgins is still in doubt, but most believe he will play in Cincinnati next season, whether it is on the franchise tag or a long-term extension. Ja’Marr Chase will be back. Burrow will obviously call the signals. so Pitcher will have plenty to work with.

Fans who have asked for offensive change may see just that, but Pitcher has full confidence in his franchise quarterback.