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Joe Burrow buys $7.8 million Anderson Township home

Joe Burrow has bought a new home on the East side of Cincinnati.

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The Cincinnati Bengals are in their short hibernation period between the end of their season and the beginning of the new league year.

Unfortunately, that period is longer this offseason than the two seasons before, but such is life.

With Dan Pitcher working on his new offensive game plan in the confines of Paycor Stadium, franchise quarterback Joe Burrow has bought a new home on the East side of Cincinnati, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer.

“Burrow, who is known for dissecting the defense with precision passes, also skillfully navigated the housing market to score a deal on the more than 7,000 square-foot home on three acres of land overlooking the Ohio River,” Randy Tucker wrote.

The rumor was wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase, who played at LSU and won a National Championship with Burrow, famously asked the quarterback’s neighbors if he could buy their house so he could live next door to his friend. Will he do it again? He’s now able to negotiate a contract extension, so the possibility exists that he could follow Burrow when it’s his turn to get paid.