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Ja’Marr Chase speaks on the future of the Bengals receiving corps

A lot could change, but there’s a good chance this is the last we’ll see of the Chase/Higgins/Boyd trio.

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After the Cincinnati Bengals’ season finale against the Cleveland Browns, a very big offseason looms for the club. Impact players, specifically on offense, may be on their way out.

After boasting a wide receiver room with Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd for the last three seasons and giving defensive coordinators fits, they could soon be left with just Chase.

Higgins and Boyd both have contracts that expire after this season, and Chase is eligible for an extension. The future of the weapons we and Joe Burrow have come to love will likely be decided when the new league year opens in March.

The whole receiver room has been tight-lipped about the situation to date, focusing on the 2023 season and not beyond that.

That is, until Thursday when Chase was asked about not only his future but the futures of Higgins and Boyd.

Chase looked fondly upon the time he’s spent with his two running mates but expressed hope that this doesn’t have to be the end.

When it comes to his own future, Chase made it clear that he wants to remain a Bengal but did reveal a bit about what will matter to him the most in negotiations.

Chase speaking about “up front” guarantees may make Bengal fans a bit nervous, as the franchise hasn’t historically given out guarantees beyond the first year of the contract. Even with the splash signing of Orlando Brown Jr., they front-loaded his $31 million signing bonus.

Could the same be done with Chase? They have broken the mold of some of their historical contract structures for cornerstone players. Burrow’s recent extension is proof of that.

While the Bengals season may end Sunday, soak in as much as you can when watching the players you’ve grown to love. After all, there’s no guarantee they come back next season.

If that comes to pass, let’s hope we get one last chance to see all three in action Sunday vs. the Cleveland Browns.