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Joe Burrow says he expects Tee Higgins to be back in Cincinnati

A big offseason looms.

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Now that the Cincinnati Bengals have finished their 2023 season, all eyes are on how they attack the offseason and gear up for their 2024 campaign. With many roster decisions to be made, the future of Tee Higgins is front and center.

This was the last season of Higgins’ rookie contract, and with no extension in sight, Higgins could hit the free agent market in March. The Bengals will likely franchise tag Higgins before any other team has a chance to sign him, but that is far from a long-term solution.

Joe Burrow spoke to the media Monday, and when asked about Higgins's future, franchise quarterback Joe Burrow said that not only does he want Higgins to return, but he expects him to return.

“Well, obviously, we’d love to have Tee back,” Burrow told reporters. “He’s a big part of what we’ve done here. And it’s no secret, our relationship.”

Wanting Higgins to return is one thing, but Burrow sounded confident that Higgins would be a Bengal, at least for 2024.

“I expect Tee to be back. I think that’s the sentiment in the locker room. We all want Tee back. We know what kind of player he is, we know what kind of person he is. He’s what being a Bengal is all about. So, like you said, we’ll see. But I think we should have a good opportunity.”

Burrow also mentioned that during his own contract negotiations, he mentioned they left flexibility to sign Higgins if needed.

Burrow didn’t get into specifics on if he expected Higgins to sign long-term or play under the franchise tag, but the face of the franchise showed confidence in retaining his second wide receiver. At least, for now.

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