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Joe Burrow hopes to be throwing by OTAs

And that’s if things go well.

Syndication: The Enquirer Phil Didion/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

The 2023 season is over, and the Cincinnati Bengals have a winning record but missed the playoffs, thanks, in part, to losing franchise quarterback Joe Burrow in Week 12 with a wrist injury that needed surgery.

While a ton of focus is on pending free agent losses or signings and on the draft, a lot is on Burrow’s wrist as well.

There is no return date for the team’s franchise quarterback, but during his end-of-season press conference, he said he hopes to be throwing by the time OTAs start.

As of right now, he’s not able to use his right hand to lift anything heavy, which obviously affects how he can work out. Burrow said he’s modified his training to not fall behind everywhere else while he rests his wrist.

“Lifting legs, doing a lot of core, doing the upper body where we can,” he said. “It’s tough without being able to grab or do anything like that. But we’re modifying it in ways that keep me in good physical shape, and just going to keep getting better as the wrist gets better too.”

Burrow will be entering Year 5 in 2024, and hopefully, he’ll be fully healthy from the first snap of OTAs through the last snap of their last game (which is hopefully the Super Bowl).

The first step to that goal will be for Burrow to be able to pick up a football again. I’ve used the word hopefully a lot, but hopefully, that’s soon and arrives without any complications.