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Where the AFC North stands in 2025 Super Bowl odds

The Bengals do not have the best odds in the division.

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

There are just two teams remaining in the NFL Playoffs, and neither are from the AFC North.

The Baltimore Ravens earned the No. 1 seed while the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns both also earned a playoff spot. Sadly, the Cincinnati Bengals, despite being 9-8, didn’t find themselves playing more than the regular 17 games.

However, the AFC North didn’t make as much noise as expected. The Steelers and Browns both lost in the first round, and the Ravens won just one game after earning a first-round bye. They lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, scoring just 10 points despite being at home.

The Chiefs will square off with the San Francisco 49ers. The Bengals, at full strength, went into San Francisco and beat the 49ers behind arguably Joe Burrow’s best game of the season.

That said, for the division, the next season is where the eyes will be turned. Let’s take a look at where DraftKings Sportsbook has each team’s Super Bowl odds.

Baltimore Ravens +900

Will Lamar Jackson get over the hump? Why the Ravens, who haven’t had much postseason success under Jackson, are sitting higher than the Bengals is baffling, but they do have a solid roster capable of winning regular-season games.

Cincinnati Bengals +1200

The Bengals are tied with the Detroit Lions for the fifth-best Super Bowl odds. There are many holes still to fill, and the team must get a better offensive line and defensive interior if they hope to make it all the way. With Joe Burrow, anything is possible.

Cleveland Browns +3500

The Browns may be better with Joe Flacco than Deshaun Watson, but chances are the latter will be the top option. He hasn’t proven he can do much with the team, but they will likely get Nick Chubb back. This team has a long way to go before they can be considered a true contender.

Pittsburgh Steelers +7500

Will Mike Tomlin be back? Will Kenny Pickett start? It likely won’t matter much for the team’s Super Bowl odds as the chances are slim regardless.