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“Joe Burrow has had [Patrick] Mahomes’ number,” says Skip Bayless

The “Undisputed” host made sure to remind people of the Bengals’ QB’s place among the greats.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Perry Knotts/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes just won his third Super Bowl, and he seems kinda invincible right now.

So Skip Bayless made sure to remind everyone that there is still one man who has had a ton of success against the Kansas City Chiefs star: Joseph Lee Burrow, quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Here’s what Bayless said on “Undisputed”:

Just the same way that Mahomes has had San Francisco’s number, because he’s now 4-0 [against them], Joe Burrow has had Mahomes’ number. And it doesn’t matter to me who you get. As long as he’s got Ja’Marr Chase, they are serious business. And when [Burrow] was healthy this year, remember, they went to San Francisco, and he just put on a clinic out there. He is capable of going into Arrowhead and winning, because I saw him do it in an AFC Championship Game. He’s capable of going up to Josh Allen and winning, because I saw him do it in a playoff game.

Watch the clip below:

To Bayless’ point, Burrow is 3-1 against Mahomes, with the only loss coming down to the wire in the 2023 AFC Championship Game.