Define Best Player Available

People always say best player available but in this coming draft what does that mean on Bengals board? We need OT, IOL, DT, TE , RB, WR, CB and S not necessarily in that order although in my opinion a RT and DT take priority.

1. IF Brock Bowers falls to us does he outweigh trench help?

2. Who is your too OT? Latham, Fuaga, Mims, Guyton? Assuming Alt and Fashanu are gone long before us?

3. DTs? Does say Newton from Illinois outweigh OT?

4. How early for RB or WR? Who would make you jump early? Benson?

5. CBs? I like some guys that could be available in Rds 3 thru 5. Abrams-Draine? Carson? The Penn St CBs? Hart from ND?

My early mocks had OT Mims or Guyton in Rd 1. Rd 2 varies from Dvondre Sweat DT Texas to Trey Benson RB Fla St to Texas TE.


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