Mock draft after all star games

It is still early in draft process but it is looking more and more like Fuaga Oregon State will not be there at 18 (I hope the Brown’s win was worth it). With that in mind I decided to be proactive in this mock.

Trade Tee Higgins and pick 18 to Bears for picks 9, 111 and 123.

Also trade pick 49 to 49ers for picks 64, 98, 176, 214 and 215.


9 Taliese Fuaga OT Oregon St

64 Malachi Corley WR W KY or Brendan Rice WR USC

80 Christian Haynes OG UConn

98 McKinney Jackson NT Texas A&M

111 Javon Foster OT Missouri

116 Dillon Johnson RB Washington

123 Ben Sinnott TE KSU

148 Grayson Murphy DE UCLA

175 Cedric Gray LB UNC or Tyrice Knight LB UTEP

176 Marcus Harris DT Auburn

196 Dwight McGlothern CB Arkansas

214 Myles Murphy DT UNC

215 Mason McCormick OG South Dakota St

235 Brevyn Spann-Ford TE Minnesota

252 Logan Lee DT Iowa

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