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Ja’Marr Chase keeps his promise to Chad Johnson

From one star to another.

2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Back in November, Cincinnati Bengals receiver Ja’Marr Chase wanted to pay homage to a legend.

The king of NFL celebrations, Chad Johnson, once took control of a CBS television camera after scoring a touchdown against the Tennessee Titans, and in November, Chase said he would reenact it, provided Johnson covers his fine.

Chase never did it in the regular season, but in the Pro Bowl Games over the weekend, he hauled in a pair of touchdown passes and used one as the chance to recreate Johnson’s iconic celebration.

This may work out best for all parties. With it being in an exhibition game that is built on fun and entertainment, Chase likely won’t have to ask Johnson to cover any fines. Another positive is that in an actual game, that celebration would likely draw a 15-yard penalty. We all win in this situation.

Chase is off to a historic start and is on pace to be the best wide receiver in Bengals history, and as he works his way toward that, it is cool to see him pay respect to one of the players he will have to pass up on the way.

Chase will have plenty more chances to redo any old celebrations he liked from Johnson, but I don’t think we’ll see “Uno” in a sombrero or mock Hall of Fame jacket any time soon.