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Patrick Mahomes includes Ja’Marr Chase on all-time fantasy football team

Mahomes has witnessed the power of Chase first hand.

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The week leading up to the Super Bowl is a frenzy of interviews and press conferences with players from both teams. It’s hard to keep track of all of it, and the majority ends up being ignored. T

he players and coaches are, after all, just repeating the same sound bytes as before, just twisting the words here or there to fit the situation. We all read it and realize they are speaking and not really saying anything all at the same time.

But every once in a while, something really special happens.

Enter 11-year-old reporter Jeremiah Fennel, who has absolutely stolen the show in Las Vegas. He was able to get some one-on-one time with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, during which he had a fun hypothetical fantasy draft with the superstar.

The rules were simple. Mahomes could draft any player from the history of the NFL, but he couldn’t select any of the players from his current team, and they would both have Mahomes as the quarterback. Fennel drafted first, selecting former Lions all-time great running back Barry Sanders. Mahomes parried with Earl Campbell, of the Houston Oilers.

They then moved to wide receiver. Mahomes selected Randy Moss first, and Fennel came back with Jerry Rice. Then, the Chiefs quarterback selected Tyreek Hill of the Miami Dolphins and his former teammate. The young reporter grabbed Calvin Johnson. That’s when Mahomes decided the best player to round out his receivers is the Cincinnati Bengals’ own Ja’Marr Chase.

Mahomes has good reason to select Chase. He witnessed what the star wide receiver can do on the field. In five games, he has 533 receiving yards and four touchdowns, including a game in 2021 with 266 yards. The Bengals are the only team to consistently give the Chiefs fits, and Chase has become a big reason why.

Fennel countered with Davante Adams and the two moved on to tight end. Without Travis Kelce available, Mahomes took Rob Gronkowski, and the young man responded by selecting Antonio Gates.

The two went through individual defensive positions as well in what turned out to be a fun interview that not only showed off Mahomes’ respect for Chase, but Fennel’s impressive overall football knowledge.

Check it out.

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