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Free agent offensive tackle praises Joe Burrow

Could it be a fit?

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

For 30 of the NFL’s 32 teams, it is already the offseason, and that is, unfortunately, the case for the Cincinnati Bengals. Fans, coaches, players, and the front office are all now focused on how to get the Cincinnati Bengals to the Super Bowl in 2025.

This is also the time where the hottest takes seem to make their way around NFL Twitter and one video caught the eye of free agent to be offensive lineman Jermaine Eluemunor. Eluemunor plays right tackle which is coincidentally a position the Bengals could target in free agency. Jonah Williams played right tackle last year but is expected to move on in free agency.

Essentially, the video was trying to diminish Burrow’s skill level and give him the overused “system quarterback” label. It made its way to Eluemunor’s timeline, and he decided to weigh in.

“People keep hating when honestly Burrow and Mahomes are the best QBs in the NFL,” Eluemunor tweeted. “Also, he completely turned that franchise around, but I guess when you’re nice AF, people forget about the bad times! Also, the whole system quarterback thing is stupid, stop it.”

After playing for the Las Vegas Raiders, Eluemunor has already publicly stated that he wants to join a team that can beat the Kansas City Chiefs when it matters most. Joe Burrow is the only active quarterback to have beaten Kansas City in the postseason.

Praise for the franchise quarterback, a desire to beat the team the Bengals have developed a rivalry with, and playing a position of need could make the stars align and land Eluemunor in Cincinnati this spring.

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