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Ravens Quarterback Joe Flacco Has MCL Sprain, Likely To Play Sunday Versus Patriots

The Baltimore Ravens are dealing with an injury to their starting quarterback. Joe Flacco sustained the injury late in the Monday night game against the Lions.

Nick Laham

If the Baltimore Ravens are going to continue their late season surge and make the postseason, they will be doing so with a gimpy starting quarterback. Per multiple reports and sources, a Wednesday MRI showed that Joe Flacco has a sprained MCL ligament in his left knee. He suffered the injury late in the Monday Night Football matchup against the Detroit Lions.

According to Aaron Wilson of The Baltimore Sun, Flacco is doing light practicing this week while in the knee brace that Adam Schefter spoke of. Flacco talked about the brace, the injury and how he is feeling with the knee issue.

"I don’t know if it will be a necessity or not, but I’m going to wear it," said Flacco, who hasn’t worn a brace since his junior year at Delaware when he sprained his left medial collateral ligament. "There’s no reason not to. The brace isn’t a big deal. Hopefully, it will prevent anything really crazy from happening if I happen to get hit on it again."

"It has been pretty stiff," said Flacco, adding that he doesn’t expect the knee to need to be addressed after the season. "It’s feeling better, though. It looks like it’s getting better and better. Hopefully, some of the swelling will go down and stuff like that. So, yes, it’s getting better. That’s a good sign I think."

So, in short, don't expect Flacco to miss the next two weeks, barring a major setback or furthered injury while playing. Our counterparts over at SB Nation's Baltimore Beatdown site haven't gone into details on their take on the Flacco injury, but they have noted that he has had his share of success against the Patriots.

We will continue to monitor Flacco's injury over the next couple of weeks, given the vested interest that the Bengals have in the results in Baltimore's games.