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Cardinals Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles Withdraws Name From Browns Head Coaching List

The Cleveland Browns have seemingly lost out on yet another head coaching candidate on their list.

Christian Petersen

Cue the rock anthem hit by Queen, "Another One Bites The Dust". The Cleveland Browns are in full scramble mode to find their next head coach. After turning over quite a few rocks, the team continues to come up empty as it goes down the list of their potential candidates.

A few days ago, Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, rumored to be the Browns' top choice, politely said "no, thanks". Cleveland then set their sights on Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles and he gave a similar response, per a report on Tuesday.

Bowles headed an Arizona defensive unit that ended up with a No.6 overall ranking and was credited for the development of rookie cornerback, Tyrann Mathieu. He has been a coach in the NFL for some time, but his bigger roles with clubs really happened around 2008 when he was named the Assistant Head Coach in Miami with the Dolphins. He was the interim coach there in 2011 and then bounced to the Eagles and then ended up in Arizona.

Aside from being a finalist for the Browns job, Bowles drew interest from the Vikings, who seem to be zeroing in on Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. If Zimmer takes the Minnesota job, the Cleveland vacancy will be the only remaining job in the NFL.

Sources believe that the Browns could start looking harder in the college ranks for their next coach now that two prominent NFL assistants have spurned the opportunity.