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Around The AFC North: Steelers Fire Offensive Line Coach Bicknell

"Black Monday" has continued throughout the entire week, with another domino falling in the Steel City.

Karl Walter

The NFL is a harsh business where winning is quite often the only thing that can allow you to keep your job. In a city like Pittsburgh, where Championships and Titles are the norm, heads roll when that bar isn't met. Such is the case with the team's offensive line coach, Jack Bicknell, Jr., who was relieved of his duties by head coach Mike Tomlin, per multiple sources.

It's hard to blame everything that happened with the line all on Bicknell, though. Inconsistent play calling by offensive coordinator Todd Haley, a lack of an explosive running back in the stable and a multitude of injuries to key players all played roles in the line's struggles this season. A spotty track record in drafting linemen also has played in that mix.

According to the team's website, some Steelers offensive linemen said that they were pleased with the cohesion and shoring up of mistakes as the season went on, but that still wasn't enough to save Bicknell's job. It's likely that the Steelers will be investing heavily into their line and backs this offseason to get back to their ground and pound ways. Bicknell, on the other hand, will have to look to latch on elsewhere.