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Should Andy Dalton be airing it out to A.J. Green more often?

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Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

While it's clear Andy Dalton needs to stop locking onto A.J. Green as often as he does, it behooves Dalton to air it out to Green more frequently.

Pro Football Focus is analyzing the entire route tree and which receivers perform best running certain routes. For their analysis on go routes, Green was not among the top 10 receivers who ran this route, nor was he in the top 10 WRs targeted on this route.

However, Green did rank in the top 10 in both total yards gained from catches made running go routes and yards per reception running this route.

PFF also shows that Green was targeted on routes 20+ yards down the field only 24 times last year.

While everyone knows Dalton is clearly limited in arm strength and downfield accuracy, he has shown he can hit a big pass or two on occasion, more often than just 24 attempts for Green suggests. If nothing else, Dalton should target Green deep more to keep the defense honest.