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How will the Bengals improve this offseason?

So many questions surround the Bengals as they look to get back to their playoff ways in 2017. We took to Facebook Live to answer the questions on the minds of our readers!

Bengals updates and Draft information

Posted by Cincy Jungle on Friday, January 27, 2017

It’s a new year and the Bengals are tinkering with ideas on how to improve their football team. After a 6-9-1 finish in 2016, very few positions should be off of the table for discussion—especially with some impending issues with players currently under contract and other important players set to hit free agency.

We took to Facebook live on Friday to share updates on the most recent news with Adam Jones and Marvin Lewis, as well as answer some of the pressing questions fans have as the team moves forward. As is always the case at time of year, the NFL Draft and free agency reign supreme.

Aside from discussing the options for the team at No. 9 overall, we also looked at who the biggest offseason priorities to re-sign should be and even if player trades might be in the mix in this supposed year of “vast difference”. A few of the questions were also about players currently under contract next year, such as Tyler Eifert. Do the Bengals need to be looking harder at the tight end position this year?