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Anthony is a podcast host, media manager and editor at Cincy Jungle, covering the Cincinnati Bengals in a number of ways. While working in these capacities, Anthony has had the privilege of being a credentialed media member at pre-draft events, the NFL Draft and the Super Bowl.

Talking Football with Bengal Jim and Friends: Breaking down the big MNF win!

Victory Tuesday! Join us tonight as we discuss the win, update on our charity fundraising and a recap with our "On The Marc" segment. By the fans, for the fans.

Bengals vs. Rams Preview: Locking Horns Under the Lights

The Bengals enter a must-win primetime game against a foe they rarely see yet have strong ties with in many facets.

5 Questions with the Enemy: Evan Craig of Turf Show Times previews Bengals - Rams

We ask the Rams analyst within the SB Nation network some big questions ahead of a pivotal primetime game for both teams.

The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Familiar Strangers

The Bengals are teetering on must-win territory this week with a Super Bowl LVI rematch set for Monday Night Football. We break down the crucial matchups and more with BLEAV in Rams co-host, Jake Ellenbogen!

The good, the bad and the ugly in Bengals’ Week 2 loss to Ravens

It wasn’t great until late in the game, but Cincinnati did make a valiant effort.

OBI’s The Aftermath: What’s Next for Bengals After 0-2 Start?

It’s deja vu all over again, with the Bengals off to another 0-2 start. We break down the issues in Week 2 and longer-term worries for the team.

4 winners and 5 losers in Bengals’ home loss to Ravens

Sunday afternoon started off ugly for the Bengals, got exciting, and then ended with many concerns surrounding the team.

Ravens at Bengals Week 2 Preview: Losing is for the Birds

After an embarrassing Week 1 performance and a second divisional game in as many weeks to start the season, the Bengals are sniffing "must win territory".

5 Questions with the Enemy: Kyle Barber of Baltimore Beatdown

We sit down with the contributor over at SB Nation’s Baltimore Ravens site to get the skinny on this week’s matchup.

The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Home Sweet Home

The Bengals are looking to rebound against the Ravens in their home opener. We take a look at the opponent and see which matchups are critical.