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Put Greg Cosell, Terry Pratchett, and Meatloaf together, and you’ve got Matt Minich. Matt has over a decade of football coaching experience from Division 1 to high school and brings his expertise to articles and podcasts about scheme, technique, player evaluation and development, and team-building.

5 keys to beating the Seahawks

How to beat Seattle.

Film Room: DJ Turner showing flashes

Turner could be the next big thing for the Bengals defense

Film Room: That’s the Joe we know

Burrow is back, baby!

5 keys to beating the Cardinals

How can the Bengals come home from Arizona with a win?

Keys to turning the Bengals’ season around

What can the Bengals do to right this ship?

5 keys to success for Bengals vs. Titans

How to beat the Titans.

Film Room: Defense Dominates Rams

The Bengals defense looks better than ever.

5 keys to beating the Rams

This is how the Bengals will win on Monday Night Football

Film Room: Breaking down Charlie Jones’ punt return touchdown

Jones got some help from a few other rookies on this one

4 keys to beating Baltimore

Bounceback season.