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Bengals Week Five "Unsung Hero Of The Week Award"

We nominate some of the past week's Bengals players whose contributions might have gone overlooked. Cast your vote and sound off on who gets your vote for the Week Five "Unsung Hero of the Week Award"!

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday usually marks the time of the week that officially pushes the page from the previous week's game and into full-focus mode onto the next task at hand. The Bengals have an interesting matchup against the Buffalo Bills this Sunday, but first we need to take one last look at the big 13-6 win against Bill Belichick's Patriots. We have already gone over who we thought were the players of the game, but it's time to look at the guys who worked hard behind the scenes.

Tyler Eifert: What was Buddy Ryan's famed saying about Hall of Fame receiver, Cris Carter? "All he does is catch touchdowns"? Well then, the Bengals' Eifert catches everything else. He had a stellar day working the middle of the field again with five catches for 53 yards and helped get Andy Dalton back into a groove after an up-an-down start. Eifert has 17 catches through five games and has a 12.5 yard-per-catch average.

Domata Peko: This guy just continues to do whatever the team asks of him and does it with a smile. After helping out the Bengals' strong defensive front with two tackles, Peko also helped pave the way as a fullback for the big BenJarvus Green-Ellis touchdown run on a fourth and goal. Yes, Peko had a would-be costly false start two plays earlier, but he chomped at the bit to get back in the game and help his team. And he succeeded.

Vontaze Burfict: It seems like this guy is nominated for one of our awards every week, doesn't he? Burfict turned in yet another great performance with eight tackles and a sack. Though he undoubtedly benefits form the stout defensive front, Burfict does a little bit of everything and continues to do it well.

Marvin Jones: Though A.J. Green led the team in receiving yards against New England, Jones had arguably the biggest play of the day. Facing a third-and-long from their own two-yard line late in the game, quarterback Andy Dalton hit Jones with an improbable 28-yard gain. Jones added two more short catches to finish with 39 yards and added a carry for an eight-yard gain as well.

Who gets your vote for the Bengals Week Five "Unsung Hero of the Week Award"?