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Week 11 Nominations For Bengals' "Unsung Hero Of The Week Award"

We give nods to the players whose contributions may have gone overlooked in the team's glorious Week 11 win against the Cleveland Browns. Cast your vote and sound off on who you think is this week's "Unsung Hero of the Week"!

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

the Week 11 "Battle of Ohio" featured so many significant plays made by so many different players that it is hard to pinpoint exact moments where the game was specifically won. Still, we've done our MVP voting, as well as an opportunity for you readers to vote for the Play of the Game. Now it's time to look at the guys that went overlooked in the big-time AFC North win for the Bengals. Again, the players nominated here are ones that were not mentioned in the weekly MVP race.

Quarterback Andy Dalton: Yes, he threw two interceptions, and yes they led to ten Browns points. He also finished with under 100 yards passing (93), along with a sub-50 percent completion rate. Still, Dalton threw three touchdowns to tip the scales back in Cincinnati's favor. The guy who is and has been receiving all kinds of flak over the past three weeks made a couple of nice throws to Jermaine Gresham and Mohamed Sanu.

Wide Receiver Mohamed Sanu: Speaking of Sanu, the second-year wideout has been pretty quiet this year, but had a nice game on Sunday. He caught Dalton's aforementioned second touchdown pass of the day where the Bengals took the lead, but also set up the opportunity with his versatile skill set. He took a screen pass from Dalton three plays earlier and floated a beautiful, arching pass to running back Giovani Bernard for 25 yards. He added another catch for five yards as well.

Running Back BenJarvus Green-Ellis: Another guy who has received criticism this season did exactly what the Bengals needed him to do in this one--chew clock and gain positive yards. Nothing Green-Ellis does is flashy, but he ate up valuable time when the Bengals were clinging to a sizable lead, making a Cleveland comeback an impossible feat. He finished the day with 62 rushing yards on 16 carries--38 of the 62 came in the fourth quarter alone.

Running Back Giovani Bernard: The rookie did his usual duties on Sunday and once again made big plays. He nabbed the 25-yarder from Sanu while taking a hit and averaged 4.5 yards per rush. Bernard finished with 86 total yards and was one of the most reliable weapons on offense on a day that the unit struggled.

Tight End Jermaine Gresham: Sunday was typical Gresham--a penalty, a dropped pass and then a great touchdown reception. His 25-yard touchdown catch to get the Bengals on the board was a mixture of beauty and brawn where he made two defenders miss the pass in the air and in tackling him. Though he had only one other catch on the day, the long one was huge for the team's momentum.

Punter Kevin Huber: Even though the Bengals scored 41 points on Sunday, Huber had to punt nine times. Huber amassed a whopping 408 yards on his punts with a 45.8 yard average. Three of the nine punts were pinned inside the twenty and he was key when the Bengals were struggling on offense early on.

Who gets your vote for this week's "Unsung Hero of the Week Award"?