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Announcing Vote Winners For Week Two Awards

We put out the vote and you've named the award winners for Cincinnati's week two victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Andy Lyons

The votes have been cast for Cincinnati's week two win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. These awards are voted by your, our awesome readers.

MVP: Giovani Bernard (who claimed 76 percent of the vote)

Bernard garnered a lot of national praise for his Monday Night Football performance, scoring two touchdowns on 65 yards from scrimmage. It's only a matter of time before he's used more often. And remember, his NFL career is only two games old.

Player of the game: Bernard's 27-yard touchdown reception (54 percent of the vote)

Reggie Nelson's fourth quarter interception garnered a healthy 25 percent, but Bernard's touchdown was a huge momentum boost giving Cincinnati their second touchdown. The first was scored by him.

Unsung Hero of the Week: Domata Peko (31 percent of the vote)

Peko was a dominating influence on the world of versatility. Not only did he record a shared sack, he was arguably one of the more impressive players against the Steelers -- obviously Giovani, Gresham, and Eifert were more impressive.