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Bengals vs. Packer: MVP Vote goes to Michael Johnson

We listed our nominees and you made your choice clear.

John Grieshop

Giovani Bernard generated 99 yards from scrimmage (50 rushing, 49 receiving) and scored the game's first touchdown. He wasn't the player of the game. Andy Dalton posted a perfect passer rating on the team's comeback trail, despite the Bengals giving up 30 unanswered points and winning by four points after wiping out a 16-point deficit. Also, not player of the game.

Terence Newman picked off an Aaron Rodgers pass and then later, returned a fumble 58 yards to score the game-winning touchdown. STILL, not player of the game.

Our MVP for Cincinnati's win over the Green Bay Packers, voted on by you, the readers, is defensive end Michael Johnson.

Possibly the best defensive effort against the Packers, save for Newman's turnovers (obviously). Johnson was tied with Dunlap, generating seven tackles. Johnson added 1.5 quarterback sacks, a tackle for loss, four hits on the quarter, and a forced fumble that sprang Newman's fumble return for a touchdown. Johnson knocked down the final Aaron Rodgers pass on fourth and five to secure Cincinnati's win.

Week 3: DE Michael Johnson
Week 2: RB Giovani Bernard
Week 1: LB Vontaze Bufict