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Bengals 2013 Season Awards: Best Feat Of The Year

We kick off our series of yearly awards with the award for The Best Feat Of The Year for the 2013 Cincinnati Bengals.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the season is officially over for the Cincinnati Bengals, we decided to do a series of posts honoring the achievements of the year. The award categories range from individual to team honors and the writers here at Cincy Jungle give their votes. Cast yours and sound off!

Anthony Cosenza: Making the playoffs an unprecedented three straight years.

Josh Kirkendall: Qualify for the postseason for three straight seasons.

Mickey Mentzer: AFC North Champs.

William Newell: Beat ravens week 17 to knock them out of the playoffs.

Nick Seuberling: Having the #1 ranked defense in the AFC despite all the losses on the defense.

Mojokong: Going 4-1 against playoff teams.

Mike Townsend: AFCN Champs.

Andrew Miller: AFC North Champs.